Elden ring xbox series x vs ps5

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Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S Performance Review


This Elden Ring Performance Review tests the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Elden Ring releases this week, and we managed to go hands on with a launch day code. From Software's Elden Ring launches on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and last gen consoles the Xbox One, and PS4. No player misses out. In our performance review we test the now gen consoles to see which one rules them all, from performance modes, graphics, loading, and more we have it all covered including the Day 1 patch tested. #IGN #Gaming #EldenRing

Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Tech Review - The Best Ways to Play on Next-Gen Consoles


Everything you need to know about getting the best performance out of Elden Ring. Updated to patch 1.02 we'd hoped to see a boost to frame-rates over the network test - though in reality it remains a sub-60fps experience on PS5, Series X and S, regardless of mode. That said, Tom and John explain the best workarounds for each console, for achieving a smoother experience. Join the DF Patreon for pristine video downloads, behind the scenes content, early access to DF Retro, early access to DF Direct Weekly and much, much more: 🤍 Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: 🤍 Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies or pullovers? Check out our store: 🤍

Elden Ring Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5 Comparison | Loading, Graphics & FPS Test


#EldenRing #PS5 #SeriesX Elden Rin Comparison on Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5 PS5 Console. Loading times, graphics, resolution and side by FPS Test 0:00 Intro and Game Size 0:15 Loading Times 1:52 Frame Rate vs. Quality Graphics 2:40 Graphics and Resolution XSX vs. PS5 3:28 Side by Side FPS Test (Favor Frame Rate) 6:27 Side by Side FPS Test (Favor Quality) 7:33 XSX Frame Rate Mode (Detailed FPS Test) 8:23 XSX Quality Mode (Detailed FPS Test) 9:46 PS5 Frame Rate Mode (Detailed FPS Test) 11:00 PS5 Quality Mode (Detailed FPS Test) Buy Aim Assist 👉 🤍

Elden Ring | PS5 - Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison


PS5: 2160p at 30fps (unlocked framerate) 1620p at 60fps (common resolution) 44,80Gb Series S: 1440pp at 30fps (unlocked framerate) 1080p at 60fps (common resolution) 48,90Gb Series X: 2160p at 30fps (unlocked framerate) 1620p at 60fps (common resolution) 48,90Gb PC: 50,04Gb - I recommend you buy the game at Instant-Gaming with a -28% discount: 🤍 - This comparison has been made with the launch patch applied to all versions. - The PC version runs on an RTX 3080 and 32Gb of RAM at 2160p. - Xbox Series improves its performance with the use of VRR (if we have a compatible monitor). PS5 does not have this option, although it does have a higher average FPS. - If we run the PS4 game on PS5, we get a perfect framerate at 1800p (with temporal reconstruction) sacrificing the graphical improvements offered on the native PS5 version. - I consider it a bad decision not to lock the framerate in quality mode on consoles. It would also be a good idea to lower the resolution to 1440p in PS5/SeriesX FPS mode. - Load times are faster on PC (with an Nvme m.2 SSD) and PS5. - There are PC drops during loading areas and some fights. It's some kind of bug that should be fixed sooner or later. - FPS mode lowers the quality of shadows, reflections and anisotropic filtering on all console versions. In Series S these settings are lower. - The tall grass pop-in is quite noticeable on consoles. The PC version has a much longer draw distance in this regard. - Same texture quality on all platforms in general. - Overall, a typical performance of a FromSoftware game. Far from being perfect on all platforms, it's likely to get better over time (especially on PC). FromSoftware should consider revamping the graphics engine in their next game. - If you have a VRR compatible screen, I would choose the Xbox version over PS5.

Elden Ring Xbox Series X or PS5 Which one is better?


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Elden Ring Xbox Series X Patch 1.06 FPS


Game is running in performance mode. Series S video coming out soon aswell ! Thanks for watching

Xbox Series X vs PS5: Comparing Graphics, Load Times and Performance


This video is an Xbox Series X vs PS5: Comparing Graphics, Load Times and Performance. In this video, I will put the PS5 and Xbox Series X to the test with timing load times and disk drives, as well as a ps5 vs Xbox series x graphics comparison and ps5 and Xbox series x gameplay comparisons. With this video, you will learn which console has more power and which is quicker, and it will help you form an opinion on the ps5 vs Xbox series x debate. Video Timeline: 0:00 Xbox Series X vs PS5 Performance Comparison 0:40 Xbox Series X Test 2:00 Elden Ring Xbox Series X Graphics 3:40 Xbox Series X Game Switching Speed Test 4:08 Xbox Series X Disk Drive Speed Test 4:45 Playstation 5 Test 8:57 Elden Ring PS5 Graphics 9:20 Elden Ring PS5 vs Xbox Series X Graphics Comparison 11:10 Elden Ring Limgrave Graphics Comparison 11:58 Elden Ring Screen Shot Graphics Comparison 13:12 Final Thoughts Follow me on Social media - 🤍

Elden Ring Xbox Series X Gameplay [Update 1.07] Performance Upgrade, Loading Time & Patch Notes


Elden Ring Xbox Series X Gameplay update 1.07 of this open world Dark Souls game featuring a range of challenging boss battles to tackle, death filling every location & unique eerie places to visit as you explore. Xbox Store:🤍 [Ad]. This is the most expansive entry in the series ever offering many challenges and unique ways to take on the scenarios that are in front of you with open ended goals. Elden Ring Xbox Series X Gameplay Review which features a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. Site: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 (Note: for clarity, Xbox Store & Amazon Store links are affiliate links, supporting my work) #EldenRing #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review where in addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. The ultimate best Elden Ring Xbox Series X review and gameplay.



COMPARANDO DESEMPENHO EM ELDEN RING | PS5 VS Xbox Series X VS Series S - Conheça o nosso site: 🤍 * Vídeo na íntegra Digital Foundry: 🤍 A grande batalha PS5 VS Xbox Series X, continua e o round da vez é de eletrizar: elden ring . Na categoria ps5 vs xbox series x fps o embate xbox series x vs ps5 traz ao PS5 estabilidade, mas seus rivais não vieram para brincar ao rodar eldem ring apesar de tanto o Series X quanto o PlayStation 5 (até nosso querido xbox series s elden ring) serem bem proximos. O ps5 gameplay da uma perspectiva boa nesse embate series x vs ps5 (principalmente na categoria xbox series x vs ps5 fps) que ja percebemos em outros playstation 5 jogos, mas a real surpresa é por parte do xbox series s . Logo, a questão "xbox ou ps5?" é válida tanto para a comunidade xbox brasil como para playstation brasil ps5 (comunidade playstation brasil). Mas ai vc vê algo como xbox series s 120 fps e se questiona quando o próprio xbox series x fica pra trás no quesito xbox series s fps. Não perca a luta entre series s vs series x, assim como series s vs ps5 ! E ai? elden ring ps5 segura a expectativa? curtiu o elden ring gameplay? Compartilhe este vídeo: 🤍 Veja também: Comparativo em Cod Vanguard (Final) - 🤍 Comparativo Far Cry 6: 🤍 Comparativo Cod Vanguard BETA: 🤍 Comparativo Crysis 3: 🤍 Comparação DMC: 🤍 Comparativo Warzone: 🤍 #PS5 #SeriesX #SeriesS Nós somos a GetGames Club e este quadro é produzido e apresentado por Hugo Issa

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X ¿Donde anda mejor ELDEN RING 🤔?


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Elden Ring | PS5 vs Xbox Series S/X | Graphics & FPS Comparison | beta


Twitter: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Music: 🤍 Atención: Esta comparativa se ha realizado con un juego aún en desarrollo. Algunos resultados podrían variar en la versión final. Attention: This comparison has been made with a game still in development. Some results may vary in the final version. PS5: 2160p ~45fps / dynamic 2160p (common 1620p) ~60fps Series X: 2160p ~45fps / dynamic 2160p (common 1620p) ~60fps Series S: 1440p ~35fps / dynamic 1440p (common 1044p) ~50fps Las tres versiones ofrecen dos modos de visualización. El modo calidad bloquea la resolución a 2160p en PS5/SX y 1440p en SS. También aumenta la calidad de las sombras. Los diferentes tonos de color y luz entre versiones son por el cambio constante y aleatorio del clima. Todas utilizan la misma tonalidad general. Menor calidad de texturas y sombras, y menor cantidad de vegetación en Series S. El framerate está desbloqueado en las 3 plataformas. Esto provoca una tasa de fps bastante irregular. PS5 tiene un framerate más estable que Series X, pero en ninguna es estable. Series S no supera los 45fps en ningún modo. La distancia de dibujado es la misma en las 3 consolas a excepción de las sombras. En Series S, su distancia es menor. PS5 parece tener mejores sombras en la distancia en el modo calidad con respecto a Series X. Las 3 plataformas usan reflejos SSR de una calidad similar. Tiempos de carga más rápidos en PS5. En general, la beta está mejor optimizada en PS5 (sobre todo por su framerate). Tendremos que esperar a febrero para ver el resultado final. All three versions offer two display modes. Quality mode locks the resolution at 2160p on PS5/SX and 1440p on SS. It also increases the quality of the shadows. The different shades of color and light between versions are due to the constant and random change of the weather. They all use the same general tonality. Lower quality of textures and shadows, and less amount of vegetation in Series S. The framerate is unlocked on all 3 platforms. This results in a rather uneven fps rate. PS5 has a more stable framerate than Series X, but neither is it stable. S series does not exceed 45fps in any mode. The draw distance is the same on all 3 consoles except for the shadows. In Series S, its distance is smaller. PS5 seems to have better shadows in the distance in quality mode compared to Series X. All 3 platforms use SSR reflections of a similar quality. Faster loading times on PS5. In general, the beta is better optimized on PS5 (mainly because of its framerate). We will have to wait until February to see the final result.

Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Performance Review PS5


☑️ HELP ME REACH 15,000 SUBSCRIBERS! #ps5 #eldenring Bug Fixes Fixed a bug which caused some attacks of “Lucerne” to not pierce enemy’s guard Fixed a bug which made it harder for a two-handed jump attack with “Bloodhound’s Fang” to break enemy’s stance Fixed a bug which caused the effect of “Determination” and “Royal Knight’s Resolve” to disappear after using the “Parry” skill with a dagger Fixed a bug when dual wielding Axe and Greataxe which caused additional effects from Spells, Weapon Skills and Items to not be applied correctly Fixed a bug when two-handing a Halberd which made it harder to withstand enemy’s attack after using guard counter Fixed a bug which caused the physical attack affinity of some weapons to be different from the affinity listed in the description. Fixed a bug which caused the player to become more easily noticed by the enemy when wearing “Deathbed Dress”, even when crouching Fixed a bug which caused charge attack with flail to damage ally character when wearing “Deathbed Dress” Fixed a bug that caused HP to regenerate when switching your equipment to certain type of armor Fixed a bug where the effect added to the weapon upon using “Mists of Slumber” was lost when the player receive an attack Fixed a bug which caused the playable character’s movement to become unstable upon hitting certain enemies with the skill “Ghostflame Ignition” Fixed a bug which prevented player from using “The Queen’s Black Flame” skill’s follow-up attack when performing the skill with insufficient FP Fixed a bug with the weapon skill “Zamor Ice Storm” which allowed player to more easily withstand enemy’s attack when using the skill with insufficient FP Fixed a bug which caused the effect of spells and items added to right-hand armament to occur when using certain weapon skills with left hand. Fixed a bug which caused the FP consumption description of certain weapon skills to be different from its actual FP cost Fixed a bug that allows “Rock Blaster” to not consume any FP when used with a staff on the left hand and no weapon on the right hand Fixed a bug which caused the charged version of “Black Flame Ritual” to consume the same amount of stamina as the normal version Fixed a bug which caused the player to receive less HP recovery from incantations and items other than “Flask of Crimson Tears” when activating the effect of “Malenia’s Great Rune” Fixed a bug which caused the “Opaline Hardtear” to not boost physical damage negation Fixed a bug which prevented the player from jumping mid-air while riding under specific condition Fixed a bug which allowed jump attack with Colossal Weapons while mounted to hit twice consecutively Fixed a bug which caused some signs to appear more than once in the Summoning Pool Fixed a bug which caused the effect of some weapon skill’s attack to persist under specific circumstances Fixed a bug which sometimes caused significant performance issue at “Ordina, Liturgical Town” under certain circumstances Fixed a bug which prevented the player from picking up dropped Runes upon death under certain circumstances Fixed a bug which allowed users to reach certain inaccessible area during multiplayer Fixed a bug which caused the multiplayer area to have different boundary than expected Fixed a bug that causes some enemies to have incorrect visuals and behaviors. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect sounds to be played under certain circumstances. Fixed a bug which caused some areas to make the player unable to move which lead to death Fixed a bug that caused some places on the map to have incorrect visuals and hitboxes. Fixed a bug in some maps that allowed users to reach unexpected locations using certain procedures. Fixed a bug with the PC version which caused click input to occur when equipping Staves or Sacred Seals and switching Windows to active. Other performance improvements and bug fixes.

[4K60fps] Jak wygląda Elden Ring na PS5 plus wydajność wersji XSX


Elden Ring to gra, na którą długo trzeba było czekać. Finalnie wyszło jak zawsze czyli gra sama w sobie jest świetna. Jednak jej aspekt techniczno wydajnościowy pozostawia wiele do życzenia, o czym opowiadam w Klipie...i metal 🤘 TRYB JAKOŚCI 4K (DYNAMICZNE) 32-38 fps (XSX) 35-42 fps (PS5) TRYB WYDAJNOŚCI rekonstruowane 1800p 45-55 fps (XSX) 55-60 fps (PS5) Powyższe fps są średnimi wartoścami jakie panują przez większość czasu gry w Elden Ring Klip dzisiejszy został zamontowany przez żonę, która zgodziła się pomagać czasem przy montażu, kiedy jest więcej roboty niż rąk do pracy :-) Patron poszukiwany/poszukiwana :-) Dobrowolny sposób na wsparcie kanału i mojej pracy w serwisie Patronite.pl Patronat da mi potencjalnie możliwość szybszego rozwoju i osiągnięcia celów rozbudowy kanału, plus zwiększenia częstotliwości wydawania klipów na kanale. W zamian poszczególne progi wsparcia dają określone korzyści dla Patronów, jak np. dostęp do nowych klipów, przed premierą, już po ich załadowaniu się na YT, czy do materiałów zakulisowych na zamkniętej grupie patronów na Facebooku. W przyszłości wszelkie nagrody z konkursów, będą losowane wśród "Don Patreone". Więcej info na profilu "Spowiedź u Heretyka" w serwisie Patronite w poniższym linku. 🤍 Spowiedź u Heretyka fanpage: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Grupa na Facebook "Wszystko o grach konsolowych" 🤍 Dziękuję dla firmy Cenega za zapewnienie mi kopii gry do recenzji :-) Dożywotnio dziękuję firmie Blue Microphones za mikrofon Yeti X. Olbrzymi to upgrade dla jakości dźwięku kanału. Zostawiam poniżej linka do tego mikrofonu, bo robi robotę i nawet ładnie wygląda :-) 🤍 Uwielbiasz gry, konsole a Gaming Cię jara? Wbij do nas na grupe na fb. Zero podziałów, zero uprzedzeń, tylko wzajemny szacunek i przyjazna atmosfera. Wbij do nas! :) 🤍 Credit for awesome music track I used goes to TurboSol. Thank you . It is his channel address : 🤍 Check out his music. Its awesome elden ring trailer elden ring gameplay elden ring spowiedz u heretyka elden ring nowy gameplay premiery gier 2022 gry souls like nowe gry 2022 w co zagrac w 2022 nowa gra souls

Перешел с Playstation 5 на Xbox Series X. Обзор, мнение, сравнение!


#xbox #xboxseriesx #xboxseries Всем привет, дорогие друзья с вами Vladelli и сегодня я расскажу почему я перешел с консоли Playstation 5 на Xbox Series X! Расскажу все плюсы и минусы консоли от Microsoft, сравню с Playstation 5 и просто поделюсь своим мнением об этой замечательной приставке! Приятного просмотра!

ELDEN RING: PS5 vs XBOX SERIES X 🤨 Problemas, Resolución y FPS


ELDEN RING: PS5 vs XBOX SERIES X... Cual es MEJOR? 🤨 Problemas, Resolución y FPS | Hola camaradas, soy Josanguz! Hablamos de Elden Ring en Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Series S, PC y más... cual es mejor comprar para el gameplay? #EldenRing #PS5 #XboxSeriesX 🤑 Compra FÍSICO en AMAZON: 🤍 ✅HAZTE MIEMBRO DEL CANAL para APOYAR y MÁS VENTAJAS✅ 🤍 🔴HAGO MAS DIRECTOS DE SWITCH, XBOX Y PS5 EN TWITCH!! 🤍 ➡️SUSCRÍBETE AL CANAL PARA SER CAMARADA ⬅️🤍 🚨MI NUEVO CANAL de GAMEPLAYS🚨 🤍 💰APORTA A LA CAMADERÍA!! 🤍 ⭐HABLA CONMIGO EN REDES (actualmente no disponibles) FACEBOOK 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍

Elden Ring is NOT for you.. ATTN: NEW PLAYERS 🚫


Elden Ring Review for New Players 🐺 Channel Member - 🤍 🔵 Discord - 🤍 🎮 GOG Affiliate Link - 🤍 NOTE* Any game purchased on GOG after clicking my link will support the channel! Socials Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Support the Channel 🐺 Channel Member - 🤍 🔴 Patreon - 🤍 👕 Wolf Apparel Merch Store (shirts above description) In this video I am going to go over the reasons why some of you will hate Elden Ring. Hopefully this video will give new pplayers a better idea as to what to expect if you purcahse this new action rpg. Subscribe for more videos! GAME: Elden Ring PC Xbox Series X / One Ps4 / Ps5 CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 0:41 #1 4:16 #2 5:52 #3 7:19 #4 8:50 #5 TAGS: elden ring, elden ring review, elden ring one star, elden ring gameplay, elden ring pc, souls game, new rpg elden ring, going over one star reviews elden ring, should you buy elden ring, elden, ring, gameplay, review, game of the year, combat, story, lore, elden ring classes, wolfheartfps, wolfheart fps, fromsoftware

My HONEST Thoughts on the PS5 & XBOX Series X/S One Year Later


PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X/S One Year LATER, are they WORTH BUYING? | Visit 🤍 or text BEATEMUPS to 500-500. Right now, for a limited time, save 60% on your first 3 months of Audible! That’s only $5.95 a month. Give yourself the gift of listening. My Twitch - 🤍 My Second Channel - 🤍 Edited By - 🤍 Business Email - beatemups🤍screenwavemedia.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - 🤍BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - 🤍BeatemupsWood Support this channel - 🤍 Buy Merch - 🤍 Equipment used in videos: Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Audio: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lights: 🤍 Capture Card: 🤍 Wood Hawker - PO BOX 2971, Burleson, TX 76097 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.

Elden Ring PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Frame Rate Comparison


Elden Ring frame rate comparison comparing the games framerate/fps on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Subscribe for more gaming tech analysis: 🤍 The versions tested were 1.002.000 on PS5, 1.02 on the PS4 version running on PS5 via Backwards Compatibility and on the Xbox Series consoles. There may be some time of day and weather variance in some clips. Timestamps: 00:00 - Prioritize Frame Rate Mode (Perf Mode) 08:04 - Prioritize Quality Mode 16:57 - PS5 Frame Rate Mode vs PS4 Pro version running on PS5. PS5 and Xbox Series X in Frame Rate Mode use a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest resolution found being 2688x1512. Pixel counts at 3840x2160 are very rare on PS5 and Xbox Series X in Frame Rate Mode. PS5 in Frame Rate Mode seems to have a resolution advantage over the Xbox Series X. As an example, during the opening scene of the game (not the opening clip in the video) the PS5 renders at approximately 3093x1740 and the Xbox Series X renders at 2880x1620. However, there are scenes in the game where both PS5 and Xbox Series X render at a resolution of 2688x1512 such as scenes with a lot of vegetation on screen. Xbox Series S in Frame Rate Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 2560x1440 and the lowest resolution found being 1792x1008. Pixel counts at 2560x1440 are very rare on Xbox Series S in Frame Rate Mode and pixel counts at 1792x1008 seem to be common on Xbox Series S in Frame Rate Mode. The only resolution found on PS5 and Xbox Series X in Quality Mode was 3840x2160. Xbox Series S in Quality Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 2560x1440 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 2304x1296. Pixel counts at 2560x1440 seem to be common on Xbox Series S in Quality Mode. PS5 running the PS4 Pro version of the game renders at a resolution of 3200x1800 and appears to use a form of checkerboard rendering to reach this resolution. All three consoles appear to dynamically change shadow quality in Prioritize Quality Mode. An example of this can be seen here on Xbox Series X 🤍 Reduced shadow quality was noticed more often on Xbox Series X than PS5 🤍 Shadow quality in both modes is also lower quality on Series S than the other two consoles. Motion blur appears to dynamically turn on and off on all three consoles in Frame Rate Mode. An example of this can be seen here on PS5 🤍 Motion Blur seems to be disabled less often on PS5 than the Xbox Series consoles. In rare cases the motion blur can also turn off on Xbox Series S in Quality Mode. Stats: 🤍 Frames Pixel Counted: 🤍 Watch in 4K and 60fps for the best experience. Please consider liking and sharing the video if you enjoyed it. Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Elden Ring Comparison - PS5 v. PS4 Pro v. PS4 v. Xbox Series X v. Xbox Series S v. One X v. One S


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Elden Ring Dolby Vision PS5 Vs Xbox Series X


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Elden Ring - Tech Review - VRR Support on Xbox is a Gamechanger


0:00 Intro 0:09 PS5 Version "Better" 0:25 Loading Times PS5 vs Xbox Series 1:00 VRR Support on Xbox Series 3:44 VRR 60Hz BUG 4:17 Quality vs Framerate 5:47 Fade In / Pop In issue 6:22 Summary - VRR is a Gamechanger

Elden Ring Runs Like Crap On Xbox Series X! Tired Of PS5 Running Games Better On Weaker Hardware!


The Xbox Series X was marketed as the worlds most powerful console, so why is it running so poorly when it comes to a lot of these third party offerings? I realize VRR helps somewhat, but most people don't even have that. So why is the PS5 running 10fps better at this point? HELP THE CHANNEL BY LIKING VIDEOS YOU'VE WATCHED FEEL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOY THE CONTENT! PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY BECOMING A MEMBER! Follow Me On Twitter- 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON XBOX LIVE "IM CRAPGAMER" FOLLOW ME ON PSN "CRAPGAMER" ((SOURCE))🤍 ((SOURCE))🤍

Elden Ring Last-Gen PS4/PS4 Pro vs Xbox One/One X: Do You Really Need A Console Upgrade?


Just how good - or indeed, bad - are the last-gen console versions of Elden Ring? With current-gen consoles hit by supply issues, can you still get a decent Elden Ring experience on an older console? By and large, the answer is 'yes', to varying degrees. With one exception. Join the DF Patreon for pristine video downloads, behind the scenes content, early access to DF Retro, early access to DF Direct Weekly and much, much more: 🤍 Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: 🤍 Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies or pullovers? Check out our store: 🤍

Elden Ring PS5 vs Xbox Series X


Elden ring fps comparison Xbox vs PlayStation #eldenring #gaming

Elden Ring Beta: PS5/ Xbox Series X/S First Look - Quality vs Performance Modes Tested!


Our first hands-on with developer From Software's next major project, as offered in a generous network test. Limgrave is open for exploration on every console platform, a daring open-world twist on the Dark Souls formula. PS5 and Xbox Series consoles offer two modes to enjoy it - quality mode and frame-rate mode - each with distinct advantages. But can either truly hit a locked 60fps? And what of playing the PS4 Pro version on PS5? Tom investigates. Join the DF Patreon for pristine video downloads, behind the scenes content, early access to DF Retro, early access to DF Direct Weekly and much, much more: 🤍 Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: 🤍 Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies or pullovers? Check out our store: 🤍

Elden Ring Back-Compat - Xbox Series X Running One X Code Can't Hit 60FPS


Right now, the only way to lock at 60fps in Elden Ring on any platform is to run the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game on PlayStation 5 - an option with a digital download rendition of the game. It IS possible to get Xbox One X code running on Series X, but you'll need a physical disc and it WON'T hit 60fps. In fact, it runs slower than the native app! However, in the process, we did learn much more about how the From Software engine works... Join the DF Patreon for pristine video downloads, behind the scenes content, early access to DF Retro, early access to DF Direct Weekly and much, much more: 🤍 Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: 🤍 Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies or pullovers? Check out our store: 🤍

PS5 vs Xbox Series X ...


Which is better? The PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X? Which are you picking? If you like more content like this, check out more videos (long and short) on the channel. #shorts #ps5 #gaming #gamers #gamingshorts #xboxseriesx #xbox Links to everything shown: Controllers - 🤍 Herman Miller Embody Logitech Chair - 🤍 Standing Desk - 🤍 (SPAWN5 = 5% off) Everything else - 🤍

Elden Ring is PERFECT on LG C2 OLED (PS5)(XSX)


Welcome My Friend, It is Fall season and as we slowly approach Winter, I will be playing Elden Ring AGAIN, but on the LG C2 OLED. This is the perfect time of the season to sit back and be immersed in the perfect RPG experience. I have been enjoying much of the quality of life improvements the C2 has to offer such as Game Optimizer and VRR. For those who are curious, watch the video and let me know what you think about the LG C2. Lastly, I can't stress this enough, but the keep in my that this has been recorded through an iPhone, which is hard to capture all the perfections of the C2. If you enjoyed this video, drop a like and subscribe for more content! Thanks for watching, JMMY. Music: BonFire Melody - JMMY SHOOKZ



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My Brutally HONEST Review of Elden Ring! (PS5/Xbox)


Like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! Follow me on social media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 #Gaming #EldenRing #PS5 Elden Ring takes place in the realm of the Lands Between, sometime after the destruction of the titular Elden Ring and the scattering of its shards, the Great Runes. Once graced by the Ring and the Erdtree which symbolizes its presence, the realm is now ruled over by the demigod offspring of Queen Marika the Eternal, each possessing a shard of the Ring that corrupts and taints them with power. As Tarnished—exiles from the Lands Between who lost the Ring's grace and are summoned back after the Shattering, players must traverse the realm to ultimately find all the Great Runes, restore the Elden Ring, and become the Elden Lord. Elden Ring is an action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective with gameplay focusing on combat and exploration; it features elements similar to those found in other games developed by FromSoftware, such as the Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that players start with a linear opening but eventually progress to freely explore the Lands Between, including its six main areas, as well as castles, fortresses, and catacombs scattered throughout the open world map. These main areas are interconnected through a central hub that players can access later in the game's progression—similar to Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls—and are explorable using the character's mount as the main mode of transport, although a fast travel system is an available option. Throughout the game, players encounter non-player characters (NPCs) and enemies alike, including the demigods who rule each main area and serves as the game's main bosses. Combat in Elden Ring relies heavily on character-building elements found in previous Souls games and related intellectual properties, such as calculated and close-ranged melee-based combat with the use of skills, magic abilities, as well as blocking and dodging mechanics. Elden Ring introduces mounted combat and a stealth system, the latter being a core gameplay element from Sekiro; these features are expected to encourage players in strategizing their combat approach with each unique enemy they encounter. The game makes use of a player character stamina bar after being absent from Sekiro, although its overall influence over combat was reduced compared to previous FromSoftware games that utilized it. Unlike in Sekiro, resurrection mechanics after in-game death are not available; however, some elements were added to ensure players' progression within the game.



Sony's PlayStation 5 is roughly 2 years old. Let's take a look at the games, the accessories, the services and the software updates we've seen in year 2. Subscribe for more: 🤍 Sources and references 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Elden Ring Review


Watch our Elden Ring review. Elden Ring is a massive iteration on what FromSoftware began with the Souls series, bringing its relentlessly challenging combat to an incredible open world that gives us the freedom to choose our own path. Elden Ring Reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PC. Also available on PlayStation and Xbox. #IGN #Gaming #EldenRing

Elden Ring: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S|X & PC Performance Review


Elden Ring has topped sales charts the last few weeks and after our analysis of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S we thought we'd take a look at the older consoles and PC to see how they are performing. Elden Ring PC performance has several issues, but how does Elden Ring PS4 gameplay and Elden Ring Xbox One gameplay fair? On these platforms, we take a complete look at Elden Ring Performance across each to take a look at how each is running and compare it to our findings from Elden Ring PS5 performance and Elden Ring Xbox Series X performance to see where each plays best. Elden Ring framerate is tested, textures are looked at, and more for each of these releases. Here's what we found. This is our Elden Ring review that takes a deep dive into the actual performance on each platform

Elden Ring Versions- PlayStation or PC (Which Should You Buy?)


There are questions surrounding which version of the game should be purchased due to performance issues. With patches deployed, the game seems to be in a good place. Nonetheless, I recommend one particular version so far.

Elden Ring - PS1 vs PS5 Comparison


Elden Ring PS1 ► 🤍 Patreon ► 🤍 More videos ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Insta ►🤍 #EldenRing #Fromsoftware #Animation Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game, directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, was made in collaboration with fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, who provided material for the game's setting. Elden Ring was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 25, 2022



Elden Ring - Before You Buy


ELDEN RING (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest From Software game with new challenges and a vast open world. How is it? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: 🤍 ▼▼ Buy Elden Ring: 🤍 Watch more 'Before You Buy': 🤍 #EldenRing

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